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Brands built to stand out & get you paid.

I'm Amanda Shuman! Just 18 months ago, I was fired from my corporate position. Now, I'm making over $6K per month in my business.

Struggling with how to market your business and find clients (consistently)?

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I tranformed my life and business through brand identity and social media strategy.

I totally understand your fears of investing into your business only to not see any changes.

Lets' get serious for a second -- there are no get-rich-quick formulas that offer six-figure paychecks with minimal work.

It wasn't long ago, I was pregnant, at a corporate job I hated so much so that sometimes I would go into the bathroom and cry, and we could barely pay our bills. I vividly remember looking at our bank account on a Monday morning and seeing we had $2.47 for the next two weeks.

I was desperate to start doing my own business full-time. I decided to take a plunge and invested $9,000 into an online coaching course that guaranteed six-figure results in less than three months.

Fast forward to six months later, I was still in the same position. Nothing had changed. I was disappointed and frustrated. I vowed to never let that happen to any of my clients.

In the end, losing that $9K was the fuel to my fire and I did end up succeeding. However, it was through my own trials and failures. Now, I work from home designing and strategizing with other creatives full-time. I want to help you achieve your dreams through the power of brand identity.


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Your monthly membership that clarifies your brand and social media direction.

You keep hearing all of these buzz phrases like 'you need to find your ideal client', 'you have to have a marketing strategy', 'you won't succeed if you're not different'.

You're sitting there on the verge on tears because you don't know what any of those terms really mean and your crippled by the very thought of failure.

What if you had someone to walk you through what all those terms meant in plain Jane terms? What if you had a step-by-step guide on how to build a business?

Imagine if you had a support system that you could rely on fully to give you the honest truth. A support system that wanted nothing more but to see you succeed.

Imagine no more trial and error, seeing if this works or waiting for that to fail, but having someone who's been in your position show you the ropes.

You know you need to know these business and branding strategies but you have no clue where to begin.

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What if, together, we could take your business from being on no one's radar and booking close to zero clients to booking more client inquiries than ever before and building a following?

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Your live program that clarifies your business direction in 6 weeks

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struggling to grow your business and get consistent income and leads coming through the door?

It's time to stop playing small and doing the same thing every month but expecting different results. Your Brand Blueprint saves you time and gives your actionable, easy to follow strategies each month to implement and see growth!

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Step-by-step blueprint guides to simplify business. Who doesn't like simple?

save time with actionable strategy

Finally have a vision and clear cut plan each month on what to focus on within your business.

create a marketing plan

Understand where to start marketing, create marketing that attracts your ideal clients and finally rock social media.

start booking more clients

Increase visibility, build your brand and make waves allowing you to book more clients regularly and earn more. 

What the brand blueprint is (and what it's not)

Your  Brand Blueprint is a monthly membership for creatives. The Membership delivers actionable strategy that saves you time. 

Running a successful business takes courage, drive, and willingness to learn new methods. Most of all, it requires consistent action and a willingness to adapt new techniques that prove long-term results.

Your $20 monthly membership includes

Monthly Action Plan

The first monday of each month you'll receive a curated blueprint to help grow your business, strengthen your brand and sign more clients.

Hot Seats

This is where we take a deep dive into your business and brand to see where you should focus to see more progress.

Exclusive Trainings

You'll get access to guest experts and premium content to help grow your business.

Exclusive Facebook Community

You'll get access to a members-only Facebook group where you can collaborate with other creatives and get on-demand help.

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Mini Courses

Need extra help in a particular part of your business. Set aside time to go through a mini-course and master that area.

Private Workshops

Each month you can sign up for a interactive workshop where we will help build part of your business together.


Your monthly membership that clarifies your brand and social media direction.

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